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You can have the dog you’ve dreamed of having.  You can have a deeper relationship with your canine best friend than you’ve dared to imagine.  In just a very short time and a few little changes in the way you are communicating with your dog, you and your dog will be the envy of everyone you encounter.  Your dog deserves to be regarded as the best dog, ever.  And you deserve to have your best friend, ever,  If you are experiencing problems with your dog such as aggression, too much energy, or want help shaping your puppy into the most awesome dog ever, give us a call today!  (253) 569-0411

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Do You Have Dog Problems Such As

Let us help you fix these problems

•Pulling on the leash
•Jumping up on people
•Running away or bolting out doors
•Refusing to come when called
•Selective hearing
•Excessive barking, whining or howling

•Lunging at people, dogs or movement

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Do You Want To Take Your Dog Off Leash When

•Beach Combing


You’ve Come To The Right Place!
Fast Pup Dog Training Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams With Your Dog!

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