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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

Happy as a Clam

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Kate could not have come at a better time for us.

After adopting a very large, stubborn dog that had been through a terrible time being adopted and brought back multiple times, we didn't want to give up on her.

We could barely walk our new huge companion down the street and back without it being a terrible ordeal. By the very first visit, Kate had our dog walking perfectly with me atouar our neighborhood.

As we progressed, the training started getting easier, even as the tasks were more complex. We started with a dog that was running our lives, and now she's a wonderful addition to our family.

I cannot recommend Kate's services enough. I was at my wit's end with the dog, but I wrote Kate a check on the spot after her consultation. You'll receive fast and lasting results.

Brian Harrison

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Kate is fantastic with her approach to training dogs and dog owners. i brought my new dog home and found that he was much stronger than any dog I have ever owned. she taught me how to work with him and he is now very well behaved and no longer pulls on the leash. I am so glad to have her working with me an guiding me to be a better dog owner.

Rebecca Cushman

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We decided use go with Kate after much research online for our Aussie puppy. It was totally the right decision! Even though we did not face some very difficult behaviors that others may have, ours was the usual puppy behaviors of walking on leash, jumping up on others, staying and listening to us. She taught us that we have control and that any behavior was correctable with patience and consistency. We have a fabulous young pup that we feel confident would handle the most distracting situation with control. We would highly recommend Kate and Fast Pup Dog training.

Grace Himka

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Wow, I would never have believed it, if it were not with my own dog with my own eyes. When you came over to our home to speak with us and to give us a demo, you asked us what we would want to expect from Harley, our 100 pound English Lab. I said I wanted to be able to walk with Harley without a leash, without him seeing another dog or child and running over to them and mobbing them with playful love. I also wanted him to come when called and be able to control him in a crowd. Harley is such a sweet dog, but he is just as stubborn as a three year old child. He will bolt after a cat, or a child to play with, and we would not be able to get him back. He would just take off and play this game of "catch me if you can". The front door could never be left open or he was gone. As we walked out the front door, you noticed Harley wearing a pinch collar or choker at the end of his leash. You told me that we would never use that again. I chuckled, because that was the only thing controlling him from dragging Cathy or me down the street. Kate, I am eating my words. From that day on, Harley has never worn that pinch collar again, for there was no longer a need for it. In just one day of training (30 minutes), we were also able to take Harley outside off leash, walk with us, and ignore other dogs and people. We have taken him on your off leash outdoor walks with a large group of dogs, and he just runs with them, and never runs off. When I call Harley to return to my side, he will literally push his way through the crowd of dogs and sit at my feet. In one week, about 30 minutes every other day, we accomplished all this. And in two weeks, Harley has gone from hating water, to eagerly wanting to swim with the others. We now have to drag him from the water to go home. We love Harley as if he was one of our children, but now we are enjoying him. Thank you for your expertise, your knowledge and your ability. Other training that we have done with Harley only left us disappointed. You have been a true blessing, and we can't thank you enough.
--Randy & Cathy Schute, Orting Washington

Randy & Cathy Schute


"Bojack was a runaway bird dog before I found Kate Johansson. If he ever slipped off his leash I would chase him for hours. Now he is off-leash almost all the time outside and I no longer have to worry about him running away. He still loves birds but I'm in charge now. Thank you Kate!"

Statia Nesin

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I was online looking for Remote Training for Dogs. Up came a free seminar at The Sportsman Store in Federal Way. Puka and I are there! We got there and Kate saw me struggling with Puka. Kate took Puka and started working with her. That was all I needed to see. We signed up right there and started training the next week.

Puka and I got our Remote and Training collar and went to our first class. This might sound crazy but OUR LIFE CHANGED! Puka and I picked up on the training immediately. I couldn't wait to show everybody, how good, the wild and crazy Puka was obeying and listenig to me. It was 180 Degrees! She is by my side and does whatever she is told. These days Puka goes everywhere with me. From to the park to the grocery store to the mall to the lake. It doesn't matter because she is so well behaved. There is nothing better then when your dog obey's and listens to you in any public situation. Everywhere, I mean eveywhere I go people tell me "I wish my dog would do that", "Wow ! your dog is so good", "My dog could never do that". That is what I thought until I started Fast Pup Dog Training! I cannot thank Kate and Fast Pup Dog Training enough for really CHANGING MY LIFE and making my wish come true!!! MY DOG OBEY'S ME! 

The Fast Pup Dog Training is the BEST PURCHASE I've made for my dog and myself ever! If you are tired of being embarassed because your dog pulls you down the street or you can't control your dog around other dogs and people in public. This training is the way to go. If I can train my dog being in a wheelchair, it can work for anybody and every dog!

Thanks Kate,

Scott & Puka

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