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Dog Training in King County

Transformed Our Lives…

“We cannot express enough how Fast Pup Dog Training has transformed our lives and enhanced the bond within our family. Their exceptional training program has turned our once unruly dogs into well-behaved companions, allowing us to enjoy countless outdoor activities together with absolute peace of mind.”

Mike Accettola with Trixie and Tiberius

Orting, Washington

Dog Trainer in King County

After Only A Week There Was A Huge Difference…

I recently adopted a 10 month old Heeler pup. . He had very little previous training. I knew I would need some help and contacted Kate. After a week of training with her, there was a huge difference. She worked with my dog and me, making sure I knew I had to put in the work to get him trained. After a month, my dog has 90% recall, sits, stays and listens to me. We have more work to do, but her training is helping us have a great, well trained pup.

Amin Kees with Maverick

Issaauah, Washington

I Had No Control Over My Dog…

Working with Kate and Fast Pup Dog Training has changed my life! I’m in a wheelchair and have limited use of hand function so leash training was very difficult, holding leash and operating my wheelchair was not working at all. I had no control over my dog! I started training with Kate and within no time at all Puka (my dog) and I were able to go anywhere with no worries of dog running away, her not obeying, it was a complete 180 degree turn around. Now wherever we go everybody always says how well behaved she is. “I wish my dog would mind like that,” is what I hear from everybody!!! This training was so rewarding

Scott Bottorff and Puka

Renton, Washington

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