Retriever Training

Retriever Training


Come learn to train your dog for high levels of retriever training. We teach you how to take your dog through a trained retrieve (force fetch) and get your dog understanding how to take remote casts and run long marks and blinds. If you want an awesome hunting partner or you want to compete in hunt test competitions, this hands on training is for you. Your dog will learn to deliver a bird to hand and also go pick up a lost bird for a hunter who might not have a dog.


Formal retrieve training done quickly and efficiently. From fetch training, to pile work, to swim-by training, your dog will be reliably going out on blind retrieves, stopping on a whistle and taking directional casts. We will keep your dog while this 3 –4 month program is carried out. A great alternative for the busy person! Your dog will be introduced to live birds as well as bumper training. We will start your dog on directional work and have your dog casting on both water and land. Owners will be encouraged to come out and work with their dogs as often as it is convenient for them to do so. You will have full access to your dog during this training time.

   Trainer Kate Johansson - Teaching the Blind Retrieve

   Trainer Kate Johansson - Training A Hunting Retriever Puppy

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