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About Me

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Operant Conditioning Combined With Ecollar Training For Fast, Reliable ResultsKate began her dog training career in 1999 doing gun dog training for hunting, hunt tests and field trial competition.  Over the years she has perfected a system combining the best of both ecollar training, leash training and operant conditioning, or positive training techniques.  Whether you want a pet dog that can go camping or hiking off leash, or you have a sport dog for hunting competition, the protocol turns out amazing dogs who not only keep track of things in the field, but also are extremely in tune with their handler, either in close proximity or hundreds of yards away.  Kate is passionate about developing toy and play drive (also known in hunting circles as “prey” drive.)  When you have a super motivated dog who is in tune with its owner, the training is easy.  Kate is also a first class dog problem solver who has worked with hundreds of cases of dog aggression to satisfactory resolutions.  Almost all dogs are trainable and often dog problems arise simply from a lack of proper communication between dog and owner.  Without proper and skilled leadership from their humans, dogs have a difficult time navigating the human world.  We must learn how to “speak dog” and teach on the dog’s level how to get along in the human world.Kate is skilled at breaking things down to a level that both dog and human can understand easily.  It is her goal to transfer her skills to her clients very quickly so that dogs develop outstanding abilities to function in the world of extreme triggers and severe distractions.  Whether you have dogs that bark at every passerby in your apartment, a dog who jumps on people and pulls on the leash, or you have a dog who is acting aggressively towards other dogs or humans, Kate will offer the guidance and training you need to achieve the dog of your dreams.

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